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Much Ado About Nothing

I seldom rant, but today I am…disenchanted.
I “earned” a 2.7 star review today :sob:
Buyer wanted a 30s video with text overlay, I sent out the custom offer.
THEN the Buyer wanted a 30s video with kinetic text animation. They sent a sample video, I reviewed and set a gig extra to account for the extra work. The issue with the kinetic text animation is they were trying to cram a 52 word paragraph into 17 seconds and make it readable. Not possible, SO I explained to them that the video would need to be longer than 30 seconds or they could decrease the amount of text. They wanted the longer version, so more work = more cost and I sent a extra to account for which was now a 45 - 60 second video (longer than originally ordered). They liked the video, but hated having to pay for it.
The site is FIVEer, not FREEer…ah, Markus, you can’t make everyone happy and it’s too early to start drinking hard liquor! (that was an inner monologue…sharing is caring!):rofl::rofl::rofl:


It’s OK.
Go ahead and drink!! Drink, go to sleep, wake up, kick some dirt on that sh*t, and move on.
Don’t let some cheap @$$ hole ruin your day.

I’m sorry you had to go through this though.
I’m sure this is just a minor/rare case, you’ll get your next order soon with a buyer that
treats you with respect. :slight_smile:


Another few gigs to get through, then it’s 5:00 somewhere!:beers::beers:

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Whoa right there. I challenge that thought.

Seriously, when I think back over what causes me the most grief, it is video sync. Let’s see why:

  1. The folks who think that you actually edit their video.
  2. The ones who expect you to narrate from their motion graphics (no script).
  3. As you said, 155 words in a 12 second space on the video.
  4. The ones who send you a link to a YouTube video instead of attaching a copy of the video.

And on and on… I have considered dropping video sync.


Video sync is a PAIN!
Try video syncing…without a video!!!
I’ve told many a client just because I said 75 words is approximately 30 seconds…it depends on the actual words AND the order of them.
Buyer: “Well, Markus, I need you to make the voiceover and I’ll make the video later”.
Me: ??? That’s not how video sync works.

Some days you can’t win.


Well I was wondering how things were going for you, and it seems like you are already getting 5 star reviews right after the bad one.
I guess the bad rating won’t even matter in a few more weeks, it’s gonna be drowning in all the
other 5 stars.

I guess at this point you have already let it roll off…what was it that your grandma said?
Let it roll off, like water off of a duck’s bum?

I hope you have a nice weekend :slight_smile: