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Much Orders in queue


If I have many orders in queue, can i send some orders too a seller who offers the same category?
Is this against the rules?


Not too sure Mr. Snowden, let me ask the NSA…:satellite:


You know if you are going to be offering editing and cover letter writing, you need to know how to write well.


I don’t understand why you are asking this question. You only have one order in the queue.

Did you just get a huge custom offer? If so, then congratulations!! :slight_smile:


You’re allowed to outsource work to other sellers, by ordering from other sellers. Or you could suggest alternative sellers to your buyers if you get busy.


I think you should outsource ALL your editing and writing jobs!


A colleague who offers the same category, offered me an order


As I think it is not a problem. but you should ask from customer support.


Yes i have asked this to CS and i received prompt and appropriate response from them, You can take help from others and you can buy fiverr services like if you can hire a freelance artist to work for you for 3 days, 5 Hrs a day for $100, Its absolutely OK as long as you are not misusing Fiverr’s feedback system. Just don’t place orders one by one that can get you and other seller in trouble