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Does Fiverr allow multi-accounting? For example, My brother and I want to use Fiverr. We live together and will provide other services on here


Yes you can, but my recommendation is contact fiverr before you start selling. they will guide you set up accounts. also you may not able to sell service which is same category


They have delay, I can not get answer less than 10 days

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You’ll have to wait. If you both create accounts without their permission, it might look like one person having two accounts, and both accounts could get permanently banned.

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I don’t recommend this.
It will be best If you take permission from CS.

That’s ridiculous waiting for 10 days just 1 message.

If you prefer to risk that both you and your brother get permanently banned, it’s up to you.

The wait is long because recently everyone and their uncle and their uncle’s dog joined Fiverr hoping to create some income during the pandemic, and many of them can’t be bothered to read the Terms of Service or the Help section, and send questions to Customer Support instead.

EDIT: What’s the rush, anyway? Many users wait for months before they get their first sale, waiting for response from CS won’t make that much of a difference.


That’s more than 1 month, I am not rush just I think something is wrong from their side. Because someone can get 5 orders in 10 days without good description, even they dont have eye catching gig cover.

I see you have been here for ten months and do not have one sale or review. So what is the rush to hear back from CS? :thinking:

Also, two sellers using the same IP to sell the same services is not allowed, (as noted by @gamunu so your brother needs to sell a different service than you do.


I said we will provide other services here. Just created account 10 months ago, start using it 1 months ago. Thank you for your information btw