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Multi-Lingual Sellers issue?

Hi, i have recently joined and i have seen that, you can only select one language. Is there a way to have additional ones or you’re stuck with being strictly English?

Thank you!


You can add languages if you visit your profile and scroll down to that section.

No, i mean, the way to represent yourself. When you look through the search engine, you tick the boxes, at languages, rather when i do it to mine, i can’t find myself under that category, since you sell your services in English. Wondered if there is a way to add to that, was what i was asking. When you type it in, sure it finds you, but not otherwise

Huh. This one just mentions it as a step…

This says you can add up to four…

This one mentions the filter from the buyer side…

I guess there is no answer in the help center. You could try asking Customer Support, but they’re really behind to the point that they may not be able to give you a proper explanation.