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Multi Video Sync and Editing Audio post edit *FAST*


1.Add externally recorded audio to your video and sync it

2.Adjust the sync of audio and video on a single video file

3.Support Resolutions upto 1080p (NO 4K)

4.Usually within 12 hours (daytime gmt+1)

5.Remove audio from your video, and add+sync an other audio file

6.Extract the audio from your video to .mp3/.wav/.ogg etc…

7.I will accept all usuall formats (flv,mp4,mp4,wav,ogg,etc…)

8.All video upto 10min for 5$ and all vids upto 20mins for 10$


Uncut Raw Movie File

Audio Files (optional)

How to:

  1. Upload your file(s) to a filehoster of your choice
  2. Add a text-file and describe exactly what you want to have done
  3. Send me the link of it, so i can download it.
  4. I will do everything usually within 12 hours (daytime gmt+1)
  5. I will upload the files(s) to MediaFire
  6. I will give you the MediaFire link.

    7 .Done! it’s that easy!

    For files over 30mins, contact me


    LINK :