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I will create and edit a promotional video about your product for $5

I can create a promotional film about your product that contains text, images and footage explaining your product and features. Film will be under 3 minutes and can be used for any purpose as long as you give me credit on your site or otherwise.

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I will design a TShirt Graphic or Logo for $5

I will create graphics for a t-shirt and send you 3 proofs to choose from. You can use the designs as much as you want, without crediting me. I will also send you the designs super imposed on to a T-shirts them self's. I can also super impose the designs on to a model.


I will turn your Online Business / Website into a Android App for $5

Do you have an Online Business / Website and would like to be aboul to send a client or customer the QR code or link to install on to their android smartphone. I'm your guy for such a task! As Android phones sweep the nation, we must adapt to the trends. I make it easy for you, simply send me your URL and I'll do the rest.


I will send a Ebook On How to Repair Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death for $5

In this informative guide we will show you how you can fix red ring of death error on your own. The method described in this guide is extremely easy to follow. Professional Xbox 360 Repair Guide, You Can Fix Following Problems. 1) Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Error (Also Known As Rrod) 2) Xbox 360 E74 Error 3) Xbox 360 Freezing Problem 4) 1 Red Light Error 5) 2 Red Lights Error 6) 3 Red Lights Error 7) Xbox 360 No Video Error Basically, the red ring of death error has been a major problem with XBOX 360 devices. In case if you have warranty remaining you can contact a store or Microsoft Support Center to fix red ring of death. The only drawback in sending it to the support center is the time it takes.


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