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Multiple Account for Multiple Service


Hello everyone!I am a Web developer as well as a graphic designer.Can I open multiple account like one for Web develop service and one for graphic design service?will fiverr ban my account for opening multiple account from the same pc or it is allowed?


It’s against the terms to operate more than 1 account at a time.


yes bro fiverr ban your accounts for opening multiple account from the same pc . thank you:no_mouth:


See, this is interesting. In your other post you were saying that there weren’t enough buyers requests. Well, if you made gigs in all these different categories, you’d for sure see an increase in BR.

As everyone has already told you, don’t open another account. It’s against TOS and also does nothing to help you.


You don’t need to open multiple accounts to offer different services. Just open one and create your gigs accordingly.


Suggest you check the Terms of Service which you will find at the bottom of the main page.