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Multiple Account with same laptop

Hi there My brother wants to join fiverr and he is a seo expert and i am a web developer so we sell different services. Can my brother open an account in fiverr with the same laptop and wifri… please help fiverr should have a solution for family members.


I think it is not good for you that 1 laptop and 2 account use. If you try 2 Device and 2 account. moreover, you can work same laptop but don’t use 2 account in 1 Device. Thank you.


It won’t be any good I can cotact with cs


No, you will all get perma banned for using multiple account on same IP


I contacted CS about this very issue for my husband and I.

As long as you and your brother have different payment methods, different email addresses, and offer different services you can have two accounts even on the same PC.

However, you will not be able to have two different windows open to be working on Fiverr at the same time. You have to log out of one account and then log into the other.

In spite of what I have just said it would be best for you to contact Customerservice to let them know your intentions. so you don’t get a warning.

Please excuse excuse the errors this is a talk to text message.

I found my screen shot.


Thank you. Been thinking about this.


thank you so much for your suggestions

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