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Multiple accounts maintain

we know that Fiverr does not allow selling the same service on 2 different accounts in ONE wifi.

but if we sell Facebook ads service one account and another one with google ads.
is there any problem?

or if We maintain subcategories! in digital marketing.
there is any problem…?

You should only have one account with Fiverr. You can place 7 gigs with Fiverr in the beginning. So, simply take advantage of this one account by placing all your gigs/services now.


No, it’s the same category of the service. It’s not two different services.


Oh wow, that’s good :+1: I don’t know about that at first one can create 7 gigs

Yes, you can create 7 gigs in the beginning. You must be knowledgeable in the gigs. The more gigs the better.