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Multiple Accounts on one IP

Hey There I want to know you “Can I use Multiple Fiverr Accounts on 1 IP Address?”
Cause We are freelancer Team and we are working in group.


It’s a good way of getting all the accounts banned , I would avoid doing this however if you contact support and explain the situation they might allow it if the members are actually different and if they are selling different services . Also you can sell different services from a single account , there’s nothing wrong with that.


I think this is totally violates Fiverr terms.

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If you are a freelancer team and all you guys have different accounts, why all use same ip? you guys can get separate internet connection for each. on the other hand if you are a team, you guys can use same account for all the gigs. I already see some scam idea which you’re trying to interpret in a different way. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I had the same issue. I contacted Fiverr and they said that it’s okay as long as there’s no affiliation/illegal activities between the fiverr accounts in question. But I’m still not sure because a lot of previous sellers have gotten their accounts banned. Try contacting Fiverr about this and let us know what they say to you as well.

if all the group members are selling different services then fiverr allows you to use same ip address .remember that group member must not sell and purchase from each other …thank you .


will be deactive your account

If team members are selling different service,. then fiverr will allow that…

1 account for 1 IP. Otherwise, team members are selling a different service. So you can use it.