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Multiple Custom offers to same buyer


Either I have not looked hard enough or tried hard enough, but I feel kind of dumb for asking this. I delivered the finished product to a client of mine who is averaging $150 per order. Usually he waits a few days after marking the job complete before he asks me if I am available. This time we had it planned out that once I had delivered the product, that I should submit a custom offer to him.

Both of the previous gigs with this client have been done through custom offers. Is there a limit of how many custom offers I can send to the same client if one gig is still not completed?


As far as I know, there’s no such limit.


Okay, so I am dumb, haha. I’ll look further.


Why, what’s the problem?


I’ve sent several custom offers in One message thread.

I am eager to know the issue you’re having.


I feel so dumb. I figured it out. Please close the thread to prevent my stupidity from spreading.