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Multiple custom offers

The buyer and I are both new to Fiverr. I am currently working on a custom order for a buyer and he’s asked me to send him another custom order. However, the “create an offer” button in the message (the one I used to create the current offer) is greyed out and I cannot find a place to make a new one.

Is it possible to create a second custom offer for the same buyer? If so, how?

Is there a better way to do this?


I won’t advice you to make 2 different offers for the same customer. This may be risky! I always complete one order before and have the customer accept the order is completed, before opening a new order.

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@rwmahan you can extend the order, it may better to make new one.

Thanks for the quick response!

The service I’m providing is conducting interviews for the buyer’s business. The original order was for 4 interviews and now there are more that need to be done. So the work is going to be done simultaneously, which is why I was thinking about a second custom order.

I used the milestone method, but didn’t consider all aspects of it when I put it together, so I’ve bungled it up completely. I was going to cancel and start again, but the resolution center doesn’t give me the option to cancel.

Should I add an extra for the additional interviews? If so, how many extras can I add to a single order? I would think there will come a point where I don’t want to add extras and it would make sense to start a new order.

I appreciate the help!

Extend the original order. Don’t open a new order. Or tell the buyer that you need to finish the 4 interviews and close the order, before opening up a new order.

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My concern with finishing one before moving on to another is that recruitment is something that shouldn’t wait. If you wait too long to interview someone they are likely to accept another job. Organizations can lose out on quality candidates that way.

Is there a way to have two custom orders with the same buyer at the same time?

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I have had 2 orders from the same buyer at the same time many times, it was never a problem, it works exactly the same as if they were from 2 different buyers… and I’m 99.9% sure I’ve sent another custom offer to a buyer that already had an order open with me.

But it’s strange that the button to do that is grey… because there is no other way. Have you tried both on the app and also the desktop version?

I send multiple custom offers to buyers frequently. I’m not sure what made your button gray, but it should work fine. Are you using Chrome? Fiverr CS has informed me that it’s the preferred browser and some things just don’t work elsewhere.


Yes, I’m using Chrome. The place I accessed it for the first offer is in Messages. Now when I go to that buyer’s message this is what I get:

Seems like you already have an active order with [the buyer]. Continue your conversation over at the order page or send a message Here instead.

It also won’t let me send messages via the inbox because of the open order.

However, I tried @zerlina84 's advice and tried it in the app (I was on a PC previously), and the dang thing let me send a new offer. So frustrating!

@melanielm – what device do you use to send multiple offers and how do you access it (through the messages?)

I wonder if it has anything with me being a newbie? Does Fiverr limit my functions since this is my first order?

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Yes, through messages. I only access Fiverr on my computer with the Chrome browser. Nothing special.

In this – “Seems like you already have an active order with [the buyer]. Continue your conversation over at the order page or send a message Here instead.” You should be able to click on “Here” and it opens up the possibility to continue in the Inbox. Maybe that would work?

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Further frustration…now that I’ve sent the second offer (via Messages on the app)…I can now access the same on my desktop.

Listen–I’m not a crazy person. It was very clearly greyed out on my PC before I sent the second offer on my phone.

I don’t know what or why or how, but everything seems to be working as I would expect it to.

Thanks for your help!

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Glad it’s working. Fiverr site glitches can almost make you a crazy person sometimes. :slight_smile:

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Is it a scam? Please do help as I am new to Fiverr!

When one order is already places and you open inbox …
This message popup in chat.
A order is already placed. chat with buyer on order page or here.
Click on chat here button and your custom offer button will turn green and you can send another custom offer

Hello There
Can someone tell me what is expiration time ?