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Multiple fake accounts have tanked my response time

This is a very disturbing issue, there are no support channels like seen with Amazon’s Seller Central, which I find absolutely insane.
I have gone through almost every help option I could find, but it’s like the entire system is Bot based…

How do you know you were contacted by “fake accounts”?

Did you go through Fiverr’s CS?

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I am unable to locate a direct link to customer support, previously I have only been a buyer, however, I am now looking into providing gigs as well.
Upon creating two gigs, I’ve been contacted by accounts that have all been banned before I’ve even had a chance to contact a ‘buyer’ or what we can consider as ‘fake accounts’. With that said, the messages didn’t stop coming for over a weeks time in random intervals, now that a true customer has contacted and lost in the fray I feel the efforts they went through to impact my seller account has truly worked. I am now sitting on a 5h average contact back, previously I have always maintained a 1h contact metric, even as a buyer.

Quite stressful honestly.


then scroll down to the “contact us” button.

I am not sure I understand what you are saying but you can contact customer support and let them help you.



Brilliant, thank you Frank!
I have been clicking on the widget ‘support’ area on my screen assuming that was the only method of support, thank you for the link!