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Multiple Fiver Accounts for Training Institute Students

Hi there.
I have gone through multiple links and found that Creating/Managing multiple Fiverr Accounts is against its Privacy policy.
I run an IT training institute where i teach Multiple Web, Networking, Server Administration, Graphic Designing etc courses and with each course i teach students to how to create and manage Fiverr Account. So i have to make accounts just for the teaching purpose and students can join my institute’s Free wifi to access and use their account.
Kindly Guide me how can i handle this situation.


You will have to talk to Fiverr Customer Support for any answers on this. You will need to get permission from them to operate in this fashion. They are the only people who can help you.


In addition to what @jonbaas said, Fiverr is meant for business purposes (buying and selling), not as someone’s teaching tool.


I will surely contact support team. Thanks for the advice.

I am not using Fiverr as a teaching tool. I am teaching other skills to students and with those skills i have to guide students where(ie. fiverr) and how(on fiverr) to utilize those skills.

I think they need to make their own accounts, then… A Fiverr account is free, so I don’t see why they can’t make their own on which to practice.


Your own account is new, created this month, with no gigs, no sales, and no reviews as a buyer, either. How much can you teach them about Fiverr if you don’t really have much experience here?


Just make a simple instructional video on “how to create fiverr account and manage it?” and share it with your students. And also ask your students to bring their own modem to use their fiverr account inside your institute. This might help.


You don’t need those stuff, just show this video to your students.

It’s will save tons of your trouble, and will be better than your knowledge
And yes, the course is FREE!

Though the OP might need Fiverr’s permission for that since you have to have an account to watch it. It may not be meant/allowed for training a full class (since the whole thing isn’t publicly accessible).

I think talking to CS about what is allowed like has been suggested would be best.

Maybe simple Fiverr training software/simulation/game might be an idea? :slight_smile: If Fiverr allowed it. Like in a game/simulation they could see roughly what it’s like to buy/sell/be at different levels/create gigs in different categories/respond to buyer requests etc. without actually doing it for real.

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@catwriter i respect your critical thinking. When i said “i” then it meant instructors at my institute. I am ready to share Classroom/ Institute pics/videos with my website link and all the other docs which would be required by Fiverr.
Thanks a lot for the great advises given by everyone. It seems the best way would be by making a Video and Sharing with the students.

Then they need to make their own accounts.

You can’t agree to the ToS on their behalf and register their ID and email address on their behalf, all of which is required to make accounts. That’s impersonation and it’s illegal.

You don’t get to break laws and misuse commercial services to educate your students. And the market is crowded enough. We don’t need a bunch of gigs created for a school project. Gigs should only be made if the seller has a proficiency that isn’t superfluous, not gigs created simply because a professor required it.