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Multiple fiverr account ! Help please


I am with my little brother in the same house with our family
each of us has his own fiverr account and each of us has his own computer
but we connect to the same wifi
does this have a danger on our accounts fiverr

Is this okay to use our accounts on one wifi network?
Because the wifi network provides same ip to all devices connected. Please help


Ask the fiverr support team about it. No one from here can help you with it!


I think it would cause a trouble for both of your account unless you give some explanation to fiverr support.

Did you two sell the same service?


Only if you purchase or sell something through these account among themselves then this will cause the suspension of both accounts.


I have asked this before, and they said that each account should be selling in different category, and you should not buy from each other.

So if you do logo design, your brother should not do the same thing :slight_smile: