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Multiple fiverr account help

-I am with my little brother in the same house with our family
each of us has his own computer, but we connect to the same wifi

-the problem is that we studied both the design graphics
MY gigs on fiverr are: Stationnary design and social media manager

and he wants to create gigs of:
Logo design and Ebook cover

-Is there a danger on my fiverr account?

Is it acceptable to use our accounts on a wifi network?
Because the wifi network provides the same IP address to all connected devices. Please help

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I would ask customer service. I think you’re safe as long as you use separate PayPal accounts. Since you’re not working together, it makes no sense to have an account for the both of you. You’re not even doing the same things. Besides, by having separate accounts, you will know what part of the money is yours and what part is his.

Wifi network IP is a sheard IP. So if you and your brother open fiverr account as a same wifi, you and your account will be banned.

But If you and your brother account open different ip but now brows same ip. It’s no problem.

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