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Multiple fiverr account?


Can a user make multiple accounts on same laptop to sell different products or they can be sold through one account at the same time??
Second, whats the most selling gig at fiverr?


Use one account. Always use one account. If you have multiple accounts, both will eventually get disabled, and you may be banned from the site forever.

The number of active Gigs you’re allowed depends on your level.

Unlevelled: 7
Level One: 10
Level Two: 20
TRS: 30


You are absolutely right @ahmwritingco


Then please suggest if I want to sell two different services then what should I do?


Sell them all in the same profile. There’s no restriction.


Check out the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.


In addition to what others have said, it’s not allowed to have duplicate gigs. All of your gigs seem to offer the same thing, so they’re likely to get denied (and if you keep creating duplicate gigs, you might get banned, too).


You can Create 1 Account From one IP Address if you want to create multiple account Fiverr will disable all your Account. You can Provide different service from one Account.


No you can’t make multiple accounts at Fiverr. To know more about it i encourage you to visit this link

you can find lots valuable info form there.


The IP address DOESN’T matter at all! EVEN if you are legitimately capable of having multiple IP addresses by using multiple ISPs, it doesn’t mean you can create one account for each IP address you have. That will get you banned too! :crazy_face:

The rule is very simple-

One person = ONLY one active account… No exceptions. No ifs, no buts.


Ok. What do u suggest to do? I am offering excel services. All gigs might look like the same.


It’s still forbidden. One person is only allowed to have one account.

Are you saying that you have more than one account? If you are, be aware that all of your accounts could get banned.

What is the difference between “I will do all type of excell work with in 24 hours” and “I will provide professional services of ms excell for you” that makes it necessary to have two different gigs?


Hmm…I took suggestion from expert users n they said to make atleast 5 to 7 gigs for same services. Anyways I will try to update gigs accordingly.


Please tell me how many different services one can offer at same time. And if same type of gigs are not compelling then how these 7 gigs will be used? Thanks


You can offer as many different services as you want. You just have to make sure each of your Gigs offers something unique. You can’t have multiple Gigs essentially offering the same thing.


As many as you like, just keep in mind that you should be really good in everything that you offer. For example, if you offer logo design but can only provide your buyers with logos stolen from the internet, they will think that you’re just as bad at everything you offer.


Ok. Thanks alot. This info is useful. I will delete my repetitive gigs n focus on two or three unqiue gigs for excel. Thankfull to all those who provided guidance. I hope someday I will also be able to provide guidance to new commers. Keeping my fingers crossed. :wink:


Never use multiple accounts - You will get banned!


One active account, only one, no alternatives


Multiple accounts are fully prohibited at Fiverr. If you do this, both of your accounts will be disabled. You can offer different types of services from one account.