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Multiple gig order doesn't multiply the deadline?

Hi all,

Every time I get a buyer who messages me saying that he/she wants to order multiple gigs I’ve always asked them to order them seperately so I get the chance to finish them off seperately, because I fear that if they order them both at the same time, the Fiverr system won’t multiply the number of days and I’ll have to work twice as fast… So for example one gig = 7 days deadline. But now a buyer has ordered two gigs at once, and it still says 7 days. To me it would be more logical for the seller to be able to handle them one at a time, so a total deadline of 14 days for the two gigs. But is that the case? Or am I mistaken?



Reply to @madmoo: Hmm yes I figure it’s safer to increase the leadtime. I’d rather finish before the end of a deadline that’s further away than not make the deadline. I just hate deadlines, and luckily my customers have been very lenient when it comes to that since they know I got he extra mile.

Good idea on the extra’s. I’ll consider that as soon as I make level two. Thanks :slight_smile: