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Multiple gigs for same service


I have one question. Can i make multiple gig of same service. I make 3 gigs i change description and tital but service same. So is it against terms of violation or not ?

my 3 gigs title are
i will do 200 usa local citations
i will do 150 usa local citations for your local business seo
I will create top USA local business listing citations

Waiting for your kind response.thanks

No, you cannot.

Yes, it is against the rules. Fiverr requires that each of your gigs is different. If you copy gigs, and offer the same service in multiple gigs, they could be removed. Be unique. There is no reason for your to offer three copies of the same service.

You can offer all that in one gig with various pricing. Short cuts won’t measure up to hard work.

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Do you know why this is against the ToS?

Because no buyer wants to sift through multiples of the same thing and crowding a marketplace with superfluous gigs would hurt Fiverr.

If you want to know if it’s against the ToS, I have an idea… You could read the ToS. The forum isn’t a replacement for basic research and initiative.

Instead of trying to find little tricks to become more visible/get more business, tackle the reason you aren’t visible/profitable in the way you want to be.


Absolutely not. This is why a few years back Fiverr gave sellers the ability to create different packages within the one gig.

For example, the gig title could be: “I will write a creative story featuring you”. You could then create three packages in the same gig. Eg. 500 words for $25. 750 words for $35. 1,000 words and an extra character for $50.

If you try and create multiple gigs, they are likely to be removed.

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