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Multiple gigs on fiverr

Hello Guys!, Something has been bothering me lately, it’s about this multiple gig issue
I don’t understand it very well and i need clarification.

Is it that i cannot open 2 gigs under same category and subcategory?
for example “i will design a stunning church flyer for you” and I will design a great event flyer for you"


Read this. It explains.

Thank you for your good advise. Well answered

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Thanks but it does not answer my question

Actually it is not allowed but I see a lot of sellers with multiple gigs (even with the same gig pictures) on the first pages (even Top rated sellers). For example check first 3 pages and you will see a lot of sellers with high rating and multiple gigs
I think that rules must be for all but reality is different.

It does. That’s why I sent it.