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Multiple gigs on one category

why this now? I got reviews on my gigs and they denied my gigs after I edit them saying you have 2 gigs on presentation design

Yes I have two gigs on one category because I am using my gig slots as a level one seller I can create 10 gigs I am using one category but I am offering different services then WHY THIS??


Have you this service on the same subcategory ?? if yes, then you can’t copy title,description…

Hi @ravian1,

I see you have 2 other pitch deck presentations gigs offering exactly the same thing:

  • powerpoint presentation from a provided outline
  • Optimizing an Existing PowerPoint presentation
  • Charts & Graphs in a pitch deck
  • Insertion of provided Photos in a pitch deck
  • Custom Slide Template with your Logo and Color Scheme
  • Attachment of Audio and Video Files in powerpoint
  • Conversion of PPT into video file (HD Quality)
  • 1 Day Express Delivery

Did the denied gig offer something different from those 2?

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You can have more than one gig in a category. That isn’t what Fiverr is taking issue with. The issue is offering more than one gig with the same services. Those are two totally different things.

Why does this matter? Because you clutter the feeds if you have more than one gig with the same services. This is very annoying and inconvenient for buyers, plus it isn’t fair to other sellers. Having more than one gig in a category doesn’t do any of these things. That’s fine. As long as you’re providing different services in each gig.