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Multiple Gigs on same sub Categories

As far as i know that a seller cannot create more than one Gigs on same sub categories.
Is it true ?
As I have created 2 gigs on same sub categories named"logo design"
One is minimal logo design in 24 hours where i offer minimal logo
second one 3D professional logo for business where i offer 3d professional logo for business
so my question is ,will it be problem for me as i have created 2 gigs on same categories despite of they offer different work or logo design. Or will i have to delete one of them ?

I believe that you can create 2 gigs in the same subcategories. Don’t worry about it. You can email CS and confirm with them.

As long as you didnt offer the exact same service, you are good to go.

Hello, it’s not a problem to have multiple gigs under the same subcategory.

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@misscrystal I saw a topic where someone said he was issued warning because he created multiple gig under same sub niche.

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…It’s only if the gigs are for the exact same thing that it’s not allowed.

Let me see if I can get the topic…

Please don’t bother. You can have multiple gigs in the same subcategory as long as they all are for different things.


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