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Multiple gigs with same service! Is that allowed?

Let’s say I create two gigs that offer logo designing service, with a slight difference in title, description and maybe pricing.

Is that allowed as per Fiverr rules?

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My Question is why you create same gig twice? :roll_eyes:

I’m not going to do that. I asked this because I’ve seen many sellers doing the same.

@josephvm No. It is not allowed. I had done a similar thing when I had first started on Fiverr (out of sheer ignorance and stupidity). I had another gig offering the same service, but with a quicker delivery time and different pricing…

And guess what? The gig got immediately denied and I was served with a wonderful ToS warning. But luckily, it was on my second or third day of joining Fiverr and since that one incident, I haven’t had any other “run-ins” with the ToS. :wink:

You could, however, offer slight variations in your service… I see you are into designing posters… and making art… and such… But since I don’t have much idea about that category, I will use an example that we both can probably relate to… If you were a content writer, you could have a gig saying “I will write articles and blogs”, “I will write articles related to science and technology”, “I will write blogs posts about veganism”.

If you see other sellers with multiple gigs offering the exact same service, please do a favor for the community, and flag those gigs.

If I were you, I wouldn’t listen to what @mamun793 had to say about this. Stay safe. Be happy! :sunny: :pineapple:


There is no point creating two gig,one is enough and you should note it.

Not necessary to create two same gig