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Multiple income sources are the BEST than one?


I must say that a person should have multiple income sources than only one. So that we can take a break from where we are tired of for some time. What do you say? How many income sources, you have and what are they? Please post below.


I have one major income source that pays all my bills with pretty decent benefits. I have one minor income source - freelancing - that earns me pennies, occasionally nickels. :laughing:

The freelancing is just for fun so I can do with or without.

If I lost my main job, I’d be okay for a few months while I hunt for another job; but it would be nerve-racking. :dizzy_face:


So it means, Gina, you wish to have multiple income sources :wink:


I have 3 income sources.

  • My own agency that pays my bills
  • Freelancing on Fiverr pays for my hobbies (drones, photography etc.)
  • Passive income through templates goes to my savings account


I have 3 sources so far (Full time job, Fiverr as a hobby, and I help my dad with his business), and working on a 4th


Being self-sufficient & confident has been instilled in me since birth. :baby:t4: :smile:
However, this is a public forum and to protect my privacy from the men in black. I will not go into semantics. Personally speaking, having multiple streams of income is paramount in my life. Always has been and always will be. :pineapple:

The grind never stops!


You changed your avatar ! (How cute) … you know, I need to start looking at people’s usernames instead of just watching their avatar lol


Aw, thank you! :blush:

I’m not good with usernames, but I remember a face pretty good! :rofl:


Good to know! :slight_smile:


Men in black :roll_eyes::flushed: