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Multiple Listings?


Okay, so I’m wondering if you can or should list basically the same Gig with different descriptions. You know like Christmas themed or birthday themed abs such? I mean, I would probably change the packaging to make it more relevant, but it’d be basically the same thing? Does that make sense?



For a gig to take hold and do well on Fiverr, it has to be tested, tweaked and fine tuned to get the right combo of title, tags, keyword and a great description that engages buyers. Then when it sells, it gains levels for the Seller to add extras and more services and it climbs in the rankings.

A common mistake many newbies make, is throwing up 5, 15 or 20 gigs that are really just the same gig with slightly different words, or photos. They’ve read or been told that this increases exposure, but it can actually hurt, because the basic gig hasn’t be tested and proven. It also can confuse Buyers and dilutes the basic gig.

They end up with 5 or more untested, unproven gigs that don’t sell and 3 months later they’re on the forum saying Fiverr sucks, or begging for folks to buy their gig.

Some new folks throw up 20 random, totally different gigs and the same thing happens. None are tested or proven, don’t sell and the Sellers blame everyone and everything for it.

Pick 1 or 2 things you do well and build a solid gig around it. Test, tweak and tune the tags, keywords, titles and the description. Aim for a robust gig that works, that you can deliver easily and successfully.

Take time to learn how the Fiverr platform works, how Buyers judge a Seller and a gig, learn to deliver a good product, how to handle negative feedback. Then grow.

Don’t overplant your Fiverr garden at the start.

Good luck! :slight_smile:



Short and sweet!


@voiceoverwork and @kjblynx Thanks fir the quick responses. I have only edited it once, but when I did it went to pending status for 6 hours. I guess it makes me scared to edit it. Is that normal?



Changing out a video can cause a pending status, but changing tags and descriptions should be instant.


@voiceoverwork If I change anything, it goes to pending.