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Multiple orders at once

Hello there, everyone! I have a bit of a silly question, considering this hasn’t happened yet and probably won’t for some time, but what happens when two different people order the same gig nearly at once? Will the person that came second have to wait for a while, or will the countdown start ticking for both simultaneously? I’ve allowed myself a pace that lets me work on two projects at once if need be, but this would be nice to know before it happens.

Thank you in advance. :orange_heart:


The countdown happens on both the orders as soon as the buyer fills in any necessary requirements and clicks the “I agree” option to “I’ve provided all necessary information…” and clicks “Start Order”.


…okay, that’s mildly terrifying but good to know.


In the “gigs” page you can click a gig and there’s a field for “limit orders in queue” so you should be able to limit the number of that gig that can be in the queue at one time (if it works as it should - I think they might still be able to order it sometimes if they have the link but it’s worth limiting it there anyway).

Also you can also increase the no. of days delivery in the gig set up to give yourself a bit more time just in case. It’s better to have spare time there instead of it going late. You could also pause gigs if you get too many orders for them all at once (and/or maybe increase prices).


I used to have a limit of three but took it off since I never have more than one order at a time. If it picks up, I’ll definitely put it back on, though. Thanks for the tips.


Are you saying you want me to outsource work to you?


I had serveral times my gigs ordered in same day almost each hour. And there was 7 orders in progress. I didnt judge or cry about it. Just spent maximum of my time what i could do to do it. Otherwise i offered a customer some extra free stuff, for extending delivery for one more day.


That’s sounds great :sweat_smile::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I have found that if I start extending order delivery times, it’s one of those things that seems to create a slow down. I have seen the pattern.

Fiverr feels that you should be able to manage your workflow and understand the details of getting orders delivered on time.

Sometimes you can’t avoid it because the buyer is waiting for someone else. But again it’s communicating with your buyer in advance to be aware of slow downs on their part. If I feel a buyer will want to extend the delivery, I let them know that even if I deliver the file on time, they have 3 days to review it and generally that is good enough. I also re assure them that I am here until they are satisfied even if the job auto completes.

In my workflow…there is no such thing as a completed order. If your buyer needs something you are there to work it out. Most buyers are willing to pay if it’s more but if your attitude is snippy, it will reflect on everything.

There have been occasions when someone leaves on vacation for two weeks so extending the time is in evitable. I do believe some buyers use it as a crutch because other sellers use it as a crutch. It’s really not something you should be doing all the time. It’s a poor habit to get into.

Just listen to your panic feelings and adjust accordingly. It’s important to communicate with your family so you can focus on the task at hand. Over time, you should develop work flows that leave you feeling in control.

But with that said… I have actually reached a point when I said, “what! Oh no another order!”

My main gig is set for a delivery time of 7 days. I hate taking on more than 2 orders at a time. Luckily most returning clients or potential buyers hit me up first to discuss the project. I turn away more people then I accept, but they usually return to see if I’m free later in the week.

I just sent out two and before my clients could completed the orders, I already have another 2 more in my queue. I need a vacation.

I do atleast 40 music video orders a day. It all depends how fast you are with workflow and it takes time. Before i could do 1 video edit in 2-3 days, now its going around 3-5h

Wow you must be so talented to do it in around 3-5h

Not talanted, but after 1 000 videos edited your speed is super fast.

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