Multiple orders by single buyer


Hi there , A buyer purchased my gig for 7 times …What is the impact of this???Is it a positive sign for my account or it will be taken as negative?? Anyone can help???


If you deliver all 7 orders in time, it’ll be great for your gig. Get your buyer to leave reviews for most - if not all - of them. If you fail to deliver, it’ll impact your reputation as a seller in a major way.


I have delivered all and reviews are positively strong…But i’m afraid whether it will be taken as negative buying again and again same gig…???


It wont. =) Fiverr’s system allows buyers to buy as many orders as they like unless the seller has a ceiling established. Don’t worry and congrats on completing the orders!


Thank you…Really thanks alot…


What is the point of this question? You’ve already delivered and have the reviews so can’t change that. Are you going to refuse multiple orders in the future? Are you expecting buyers to look at your reviews and say ‘this seller has 7 reviews by the same buyer so they must be rubbish and I’m not going to buy from them’? Nobody can tell you if that will happen or not. Each buyer will perceive reviews in a different way.


Hi…Nope I’m not afraid of what buyer will say…I’m afraid of does fiverr allowed to have multiple orders by a single buyer…


this is the sort of question you can look up the answer to quite easily e.g.

The fiverr acadamy, customer support help, the blog, and the forum all have information available on common questions.


I didn’t know about these features .Thank you for providing me information about these.You are awesome .Thanks again.


No it will not. Great job!