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Multiple orders from single buyer


can we ask buyer to place multiple small orders instead of one big order just to get more reviews?


Some sellers do it, but it’s review manipulation, looks suspicious on your profile, and costs the buyers more (because of the processing fees).

Buyers might refuse to buy from you (now or ever again) if you do it, and some might report you to Customer Support.


in other words, there’s more that can go wrong than can go right.


Bad way to get more sells.


Actually not a good idea buyer have to pay processing fee. also it’s unprofessional


i am talking about buyers who are also sellers too… buying with fiverr balance


How do you know your buyers are using a Fiverr balance to purchase?

Please see all the very good advice above. :slight_smile:


It’s still review manipulation, and it will still look suspicious on your profile.


i was just asking… its not what i am going to do lol


Your profile looks like you might be doing it already… And with some repeat buyers who offer the same service, it also looks like there might be a review ring.


I always divide larger orders into smaller ones and disagree with everybody above.
There is a limitation on the work I am able and willing to do in the scope of an order on Fiverr. I have to schedule orders that are coming in from Fiverr with the orders that I receive via my official registered business. For this reasons I state clearly in my gigs that there is a maximum of work that I will do.


There’s a difference. You clearly state it in your gig, and you’re not doing it “just to get more reviews”.