Multiple Orders - Little Bit Confused


I am quite a bit new to Fiverr and now I have obtained the Level 01 status. A buyer of mine wants to pay me an amount of $70 for a particular job (quite a big job). I want to get to the Level 02 of my Fiverr account and I want to know whether Fiverr will do anything against me if I ask my buyer to buy the same gig 14 times instead of asking my buyer to buy the same gig four time ( Three orders with a quantity of four and one single order with a quantity of two)?

14 Gig sells will obviously help me a lot to achieve the Level 02 status compared to the selling process of 04 gigs. I hope Fiverr would not do anything against me if I and my buyer buy the gig 14 times. I am innocent. :frowning:



And, regarding your other question. If it is a single order (even with extras or multiples) it doesn’t appear to counter as more than 1 order for the purpose of leveling.

So yes, if the buyer is willing to do the process several times, it’s best for you.

Now to plus this strategy, if the buyer is willing to buy not only the gig they want but your other gigs/even future gigs (you can make them and then turn it off) then you spread you feedback around and seed the buying momentum.

The advantage of this is while you may not get all those positives on your favorite gig, at least it’s not obvious they’re all coming from the same person.