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Multiple orders.... please assist


Please assist me. I have a buyer that wants to make multiple orders at once but for some strange reason it is not working. They said I have to activate my gig to allow it. Please tell me how to do that urgently please before my buyer loses interest…


Just tell your buyer to order multiple times

All the best!!


Hello tatemakyi,

I am fairly new here so I am probably not the best to answer the question. If I remember correctly the option to add multiple gig orders is something that you get at level one. Is there a reason that they can’t just order several single orders?



Multiple gig orders is available for level 2? As I am not seeing any options for multiple gig orders as a level 1 seller.


Reply to @cybotchua: you do have the option for gig extras as a level 1 if you go to you’re edit page you should see the option bottom of screen. If you are not able to activate the gig extras it has to do with a low rating on you’re gig