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Multiple Orders Should Add Time Accordingly

If someone orders multiples of the same Gig, the order countdown should extend the time accordingly. It doesn’t currently and that’s a bit silly if you ask me. I do illustrations, animated gifs, and other graphic related gigs and they take time. I can do one order quickly enough, but if people order higher quantities I takes longer. The time should extend to compensate for that. 2 orders would double the ETC and 3 would triple that and so on. What does fiver community think?

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I get what you all are saying but what would happen in the event that 10 buyers order your gig on the same day within a short time (say 15 minutes for argument sake)?

I think a better suggestion would be the option to extend the number of days to delivery in your gig description once the number of orders surpasses a certain quantity. Your delivery time should not be equal or even close to the number of days on task. If it takes you 1 day per order, perhaps delivery in 4-5 days is better than stating 2-3 days. I know you want to post the shorter time but it also welcomes an influx of customers. You can’t have it both ways and this is not something Fiverr should/can fix. (I also find it odd that a buyer would think large multiples of orders would not slow down delivery time and would leave bad feedback as a result - that’s pretty unfair/unkind). While a huge flood of orders is rare, your stated delivery time should take into account the possibility of a reasonable number of multiple orders.

So pretty what Artemist is saying :slight_smile:

Great idea in principal, but only if the BUYER also is made aware in advance that the time limits would shift. Common agreement on details of a deal between (some) buyers and (some) sellers for gigs is an ongoing area of friction, and this would just add one more level of potential dispute unless it was made absolutely clear in advance.

Buyers might be on deadlines to get results, so if you change any detail, especially the delivery date, after they buy a gig it is a prime candidate for dispute, bad feedback and cancellation.

But that’s my problem now. I can do one photo drawing illustration let say, in 24hrs. But they order three or four and I get two of them done, but they unrealistically expect it to take only 24hrs, most don’t I will say that. But there is always that one person. It doesn’t matter how far a long I am, if it’s at all at the least bit late they can cancel, give me bad feedback. That’s a lot of wasted time and effort just to get bad reviews for good work. I’m not saying that fiver needs to follow my suggestion exactly, but perhaps, something to help that problem would be nice.

I’m not being contrary just to argue, just pointing out that there are two sides to this issue. You seem to be saying that you can only be expected to deliver 1 gig per day, so buyers who order more just need to give you extra time. But that would be unfair to them to delay their delivery time AFTER they placed an order if they were counting on the original delivery date, unless the longer delivery window was explained in advance and was part of their decision to buy from you in the first place.

You say that your current problem happened because one customer placed multiple orders at once, and that is too much for your workflow style. Well, what if 5 different customers each place a single order on the same day? That still leaves you with 5 total orders which is still too many for you to do in a day. So it is not just the number of orders ONE customer might place, but actually how many total orders you can handle at once.

So what needs to change? Maybe your “delivery time” estimate is too low. If you can’t handle multiple orders at once, then don’t set a short delivery time, because you might actually GET multiple orders. If you know you can’t handle more than one total order per day, then set your delivery time longer to allow for the times when you have multiple orders to do. Setting it too short after you know it might be a problem just creates more problems for both sides.

Remember that your buyer probably chose your gig based mostly on your samples and feedback, but perhaps also in part on your quick delivery promise. So you probably should not OFFER fast delivery if you are not prepared to complete multiple gigs in the time you state in the offer. Sorry, but this is just real business. Don’t change a deal after it starts in a way to benefit yourself at the expense of the other party in the deal unless both sides agree.

Now, if ALL of Fiverr changed to a new “floating delivery dates” rule based on the total number of orders a seller has on hold, and buyers also KNEW about that in advance and figured that into their buying decisions, then no problem. Or if Fiverr had a way to let you set up your gig in such a way that your buyers could only buy a gig per day, or that you only got 1 total gig per day from all buyers, then fine. Or if you re-wrote your gig to say you need 2 days per single order, then fine.

But notice that other sellers have the kind of gigs where they CAN handle 200 orders in their queue at once. Do you think THEY want them marked as needing 200 days to complete? If you can get support for this change, it should be “switchable” as a seller’s option, and only applied for the gigs and sellers that actually need it – not a blanket site-wide thing.

The only thing you can change right now on your own to help control your current problem is to change away from a short delivery time. You admit that it only works for you if you only get a limited number of orders, which you can’t really predict. So re-set your delivery time for a few days longer than you expect to need to meet your schedule the next time you get multiple orders.

But won’t changing to a longer delivery time mean that you might lose some potential orders? Yes, but it will be more honest than attracting buyers with a false promise of quick delivery time that you can’t fulfill. When you have a low or average number of orders to work on, then you can deliver early, and when you are hit with many orders at once you have a better chance of fulfilling them without disappointing your buyer(s).

I have this same problem - there is nothing stopping people from ordering an insane number of articles from me in one day making them all due on the same day, impossible. I wrote in a “only 4 at a time” rule to my description and so far it’s helped but it’s not a real fix - if they order more than one at a time it could add time and a message could pop up to the buyer to let them know or have it showing next to the order box etc - it’s really not that hard to pull off or for people to understand, it’s a messing feature for sure

Having the same issue here.

My gig is for deliver 500 words in 2 days, but users are able to buy multiple times. Sometimes I need to deliver 3000 words in the same 2 days.

Fiverr should add an option for each gig, which enables extra time for multiple orders if necessary.

A dialog could open "Allow additional time if the Seller requires it?"

Yes / No"

The Buyer would need to respond to it before proceeding.


I like your idea. It could definitely open up the communication a bit more. This is where it can get confusing for buyers and sellers. Because some orders are simple and others are intensely complex.

In reply to some of the other sellers comments about having 10 clients all order rush delivery and causing the same effect. I actually wanted to tell you how I usually handle that type of situation.

I have a cap on the amount of express deliveries that I accept. I will do no more than 4 in a day. So if someone hits that button for express delivery and I see i’m getting a bit busier than I should be. I increase the price on the express delivery. That way if I’ve got to put in the extra time for it, I’m getting compensated accordingly for it.

Plus when that rush fee is higher it slows down the amount of rush orders.

I like the suggestion. It’s really a “needed” feature. :slight_smile:

Yes, somebody ordered a combined number of 20 gigs from me. Nice for me, but I will have trouble meeting the deadline as I fiverr next to a fulltime job.

Eh, I just simply extend my delivery time to ensure that unless I get a major load of orders, I will be able to deliver them on time. I would like something like this, but I don’t have any high hopes any time soon that it will be implemented. Other things you can do is for the time consuming aspects of your gig, add an extra that covers them with a very reasonable delivery time.

I have the same problem. I charge my gigs in page numbers and when buyers place multiple orders, I need to cancel and ask them to order extras separately. And this happens even with a big note telling buyers to not to order multiples in each of my gigs description. It would be so much easier to multiple days as they multiply the price! It would save a lot of time and misunderstanding!

I just got a 5X order. My gig time was set 4 days. Now It’s really tough for me doing all this works in just 4 days. There should be a system in Fiverr, multiple order should show multiple times.

hi, in the case of recieving multiple orders, how to extend delivery date for each order?

I also have it stated quite clearly what I do in my 3 day delivery time frame and for $5 (20 minutes or less of clear audio) Lots of people just order insane amounts of multiples regardless. Yes I’m available all the time to do work, but for example - I’m not busting my gut to do a 2 hour audio transcription (which takes maybe 13 hours++) for $60 - minus fiverr fee of course! Then there are all the other variables that make the job more difficult that they didn’t take into account eg medical, technical, poor audio etc. That same transcript as an express 24 hour gig would be $140 + extra for anything mentioned above.

I have to send them a cancellation saying I’d love to do their work for them (if I do indeed want to do it) and that I can’t do that amount of work in that time frame for that amount of $$. I ask them how many days they’d like the order delivered in so I can then send them a custom offer. Yes there are the extras at the bottom of the order that I could do instead, but I haven’t added any plus days to my gigs, so I just do custom offers. Sometimes people take them, sometimes they don’t. Needless to say, I’m working every day regardless.

I did everything people sent me when I first started on fiverr, with short delivery times. But realized that because of this I was missing out on doing express orders which of course pay a much more reasonable amount of $$. So yes, something to restrict buyers OR EVEN BETTER WOULD BE --> THE ABILITY TO REQUEST MORE TIME FROM A BUYER TO DO SOMETHING. That time would then alter the timer to give the seller more time rather than a late delivery.

Hi everyone!
I just had this problem today where a good client ordered 11 illustrations at once in the same gig, for me to deliver in 2 days… of course it wouldn’t be possible for me, I need minimum 10 days for those in order to do a nice work and still have some time to relax in a day. Adding the ability to edit number of days on a single gig is a primary need for any seller (we can see the variety of services right here!) So please @Fiverr staff, take this into consideration, instead of having to cancel all the time. Thanks in advance :slight_smile: Also this is my first comment on the Fiverr forum, yay :slight_smile:

Same problem here… i make 3D models and sometimes things get really long, luckily I discovered this problem with the quicker pack because if i had discovered it with the highest i wouldn’t be able to finish on time.

Basically i have to make 5 models in 5 day ( only one order) + one other in 5 day=6 in 5 days…

This is so stupid also because i put the limit of 2 orders per time (thing that I thought it would be counted by this feature too but no…) also this totally breaks the fast delivery system other than my mental health.
The costumer placed the order before contacting me ( I dont want to cancel the order because it’s necessary to level the account) and also I can’t ask for more days without having him to pay more!!!
This has no sense, this is a serious issue

Yeah, that does make sense. Maybe include different packs customers can choose from? Say, make one illustration be delivered in 2 days, two illustrations in 4 days, and three in 6 days?