Multiple orders


I’m still a newbie and waiting for level one. I’ve been on Fiverr for three weeks and have completed over 100 orders with 100% positive feedback. I find it really annoying that Fiverr doesn’t give us newbies the option of selling multiple gigs at a time. I know the idea is that it’s a reward for being on the site for a long time, selling a lot, and getting good feedback, but this is really inconvenient. I have buyers that want to order 10+ gigs at a time and they have to buy them one by one. I can live without extras and the other perks of level one, but it would be really nice if everyone was given the option of selling multiple gigs.

Thanks, Cassysailermoon


Reply to @kjblynx: I don’t mind it for me, I just won’t want to lose customers because of it.


It is absolutely annoying for a customer how this is handled in Fiverr.

Just spend > $100 for 2 gigs … and I have to do it in $5 steps.

How stupid this is, sorry.