Multiple Orders


For level 1, I see that a customer can order 4 at the same time. In terms of order count, will that be counted as 1 order or 4 orders?


I think 4 order


can somebody confirm this?


It depends on BUYER and SELLER.

If i ask buyer that i will do this work for $20 he will either buy my GIG exra of simply buy 4 multiple gig orders that make $20 and i will do its JOB.

When you get multiple orders, it combines on ONE Order Page and you have to deliver everything on that order page. And in the end you will get only 1 Review for that.

Multiple orders can be a way to make a specific payment. Or ordering the same things 4 time from buyer. Again it depends on Buyer what he order from you.


It will be just ONE Order in Fiverr System, but you have to deliver multiple things if buyer ask.

For example: A buyer buy my GIG for designing business card and made a 4 multiple order. And ask me to design a card and then make it for other 3 employees for his also.

So i deliver him 4 separate cards in ONE ORDER. And i will get only 1 Positive/Negative Review.

Hope it helps.


Oh, I see. Thanks for the input guys. :smiley: