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Multiple replies to my request

I posted a request for a logo, and have multiple people saying they can do the job. The want me to place the order before they provide concept ideas.

Is this normal?

Will I be under obligation to buy all of the logos if I place multiple orders just t see concept ideas?

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Typically, buyers pay sellers before any work is done. So, if you pay somebody, you can’t then get that money back.

You’re free, however, to pay for what you want, be it a concept or fully designed logo. Just make sure you and the seller are on the same page.

If I pay before the work is done, how do I know the work will be to my specifications?

To be precise, buyers pay Fiverr when they accept a custom offer or order a gig directly, Fiverr then keeps the money in escrow, until the seller delivers. Then the buyer has 3 days to check the delivery, ask for modification if anything was done wrong etc.
Either the buyer accepts (and reviews) the delivery within those 3 days, thus “completing the order”, or the order “autocompletes” if the buyer doesn´t react within those 3 days from delivery. The sellers will only be paid after those 3 days/from the moment of completion + additional 7 or 14 days, depending on their level. It´s pretty safe for buyers.

No need to worry that a seller gets the money but won´t deliver. In case a seller won´t deliver in the end for whatever reason, you´d, of course, be able to cancel and get a refund.

You can find lots of information regarding the “technicalities” in the Buyer Help Center:


So if the result is nothing like what I wanted, I get my money back?

I came here thinking this would be an easy project to get done. The experience has been nothing like what I expected.

That´s not what I said, actually. For subjective gigs, it´s not that easy.
You can definitely get your money back if a seller does not deliver at all, or delivers something else than what their gig promises or what you agreed on with them.

Personal taste and dislike again obviously can´t always be a reason to get your money back, because a seller still spent their time on a buyer´s order, even if a buyer is not completely happy with the outcome.
If you don´t like the output, you can ask the seller to modify, perhaps give a better description of what you want, but they might ask you to pay for a revision in that case, depending on how much time it will take them.

If the result is not what was agreed on, objectively, for example, you asked for a logo to incorporate specific colours and the seller chose different colours, or you wanted a minimalist font and the seller used a swirly one, ideally, you´d still ask for a modification/revision, so the seller might come up with what they should have delivered, but if a seller isn´t able to produce what was agreed on, though, you will be able to cancel.

It sounds like a very easy project to me if you find and order from a good seller right away.


So if the result is nothing like what I wanted, I get my money back?

Fiverr itself doesn’t offer a guarantee, but some sellers choose to offer money-back guarantees.

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Why should you get your money back?
If someone has spent time designing something for you, don’t you think they deserve payment?

My advice is to make sure you check portfolios and reviews. Also feel free to ask the designer any questions you are not clear about. Most good designers will be only happy to help.


Perhaps you can place orders just for concept ideas, and then choose the one you like best to make the logo?

Of course, you’d still need to pay all the sellers for their concepts ideas, otherwise you’d be asking them to work for free.

EDIT: I forgot to add: Fiverr strongly recommends all sellers never to start working on a project until the order was actually placed, otherwise there are no guarantees that they will be paid for their work.


You haven’t already placed an order and you are really interested to know how you can cancel your order. It seems that you haven’t already found the good seller for your project and that you are not convinced by the quality of what you can get from the sellers who sent you an offer.
Don’t place an order if you are not 99% convinced that the seller is able to deliver a good logo for your project.

Cancellations based on “quality” is not allowed.
Take a few minutes to read Terms of Services. Here is an extract :
Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.



In addition, I would say that if you’re not finding the buyers request section productive, then you might want to try going through highly-rated sellers in that category and look at their samples. That might be more helpful, and you’d be able to get even better pickings than if you’re just choosing among the people who bid on your project.


You do not pay for something you can not use.

My request is for a company logo. If the logo will not be used because it does not meet the description or quality standards, why should someone get paid?

For example, one offer I received was from someone who ran my picture through a sketch program, and then wanted to know if I wanted it. They put zero effort into meeting my description. You honestly expect people to get paid when they put zero effort into the project, and did not meet the description?

If sellers are not held to a certain standard of quality, then maybe I am in the wrong place.

I put in an order with an individual. The order is supposed to be filled in the next day or so. We will have to see how things turn out.

You are buying from a seller - you tell them what you want.

They do it - great, they deserve to be paid.
They don’t do it according to your instructions - fine, cancel the order.

There is no grey area of ‘the seller did as I asked, but I don’t really like it so I’d like my money back’. Fiverr isn’t that sort of platform - if that’s what you’re looking for, then perhaps you are in the wrong place.


How much are you willing to pay for a logo ?

So this was an offer. You didn’t actually place an order?

Also what was your budget for the logo?

I just bought a sketch, and I have another order placed two days ago that is supposed to be fulfilled within the next 24 hours.

Depends on currency exchange rate, and how much work people put into the logo. So far the offers I received are nothing more than running my source picture through a sketch program.

I have an order with someone who is supposed to draw the image by hand.

Could you define your standard of quality in a defined way?
This could help to frame the matter.

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Fiverr is not like the bidding platforms where the candidates send you their designs, and you choose the one you like best; if the seller’s portfolio is not enough for you to decide, and you’d like them to make you a custom sample, capable sellers will expect to get paid for creating that custom sample. As long as you’re not paying, it’s expected to get something that can be done with little to no effort, or to be told that you need to place the order first.