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Multiple Revision Requests

I’m sure this has been posted a million times, but why are you able to even list the amount of revisions offered in a gig if the buyer can just request unlimited revisions? Can Fiverr implement something to put a hard cap on this? Several times now I’ve sold a service with one revision offered and the client has asked for multiple revisions- mostly things that were their fault to begin with (incorrect phone numbers, script info, wrong website link, etc). When I argue that their order included the one complimentary revision, they argue that Fiverr is allowing them to request this so I have to honor it. I know people will say that I have to be firm about telling them no, but it’s kind of hard when the system allows them to make this request and just leaves the order hanging if you don’t fulfill it.

I feel like it should probably work where they have to contact Fiverr if they’re asking for an additional revision besides what was paid for. Then Fiverr can determine whether the revision is warranted due to an error on the seller’s end, or at the very least start a dialogue regarding the legitimacy of a free revision. Anyone else have thoughts on this?


It is one of the many problems with Fiverr’s lopsided implementation of the TOS. Very hard on one situation but nonexistent in others.

All I can suggest is putting up your prices to get a better class of client (and to allow a FAF) as well as to make your Requirements Form very robust.

I wish I could offer better


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Thanks for the reply. I’m definitely priced in the upper echelon on Fiverr for what I do (Audio Commercials/Ads) but it’s just the nature of my business. Some of the best clients- especially the corporate ones- will screw up their own phone number or forget something. It just sucks that if you want to take a stand on it, then you stand to forfeit the whole order. In my very humble opinion, this is something that Fiverr definitely needs to look into and create some sort of stop-gap.

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Oh indeed I agree. There is a definite lean to the ship :slight_smile:

I just put someone aside for a spello in a Lyric Vid where they send me the lyric in Text File so I have no way of spotting autocorregations. Even after I noticed & fixed they misspelled a name, they still wanted to act like it was my fault their transplicated word slipped through. The number of times I get sent a new lyric after I have mixed the one in the main Stems. They never just slip in without a total rework and if I have made the lyric vid, half the timings are now wrong.

How to get Fiverr to actually apply their TOS evenly tho is the tricky one as they have fallen (like many others) into the basket of everyone is right all the time (except of course anyone who doesn’t serve our immediate ability to finish up for Friday night drinks). It will be the undoing of the whole patform.


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I think the problem though is that Fiverr seem less than solid in supporting us when the customer needs to be told, “Whoa hold up there buddy, this seller done the work, now you just being a total scumbag. Buck up.”

Yes, we as sellers need to paddle our canoes, however if we get a baddie (through cluelessness or scumminess) Fiverr actually need to honor their commitment to us in the TOS so we can be confident that saying No to draw a fair line in the sand, or to reinforce the line already drawn and agreed to, that we won’t either be handballed back to the unreasonable client as our problem or Cancelled or Charged Back after the work requested under contract was done.


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