Multiple services at one order


Hey ! Is it legal if I offer multiple tasks on one order of $5

What I mean by that is that I solve maths problems. But some problems are not worth $5 so can I offer to solve 5 problems on one order?


Actually, it is against Fiverr terms of service to do math problems and homework for students. Or are their lovers of math who enjoy seeing how a math problem is solved so much they are willing to pay? :wink:


Could you please show me these terms. Can’t I help students understand maths/ their homework?


I’m not sure it’s in the terms of service but it is true that you cannot do homework for students. No need to question vickiespencer on that. Gigs for that get removed.


I had a gig taken down because I had a list of the types of materials I would type. On the list was the word “academic.” Once I took that word out of my gig description my gig was approved.

There have been many sellers who have come to the Forum and complained of losing gigs that offered to help students. I proofread, and I am a former teacher. My fellow teachers encouraged their students to have essays proofread by their parents or another adult and then turned in for a grade. But I do not offer to proofread student work for the reason of taking a chance on losing my gig or even my account.