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Multiple talents and how to present them

Assuming you have a variety of talents that aren’t related, how would you sell them best?

In example you are a very good writer and at the same time you are a very good impersonator (voice) of a famous person.

Would you sell those services from the same account or would you create a second account with different IP?

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I would create a different Gig for each.


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I understand what you are trying to say even though I think you know that doing that you are violating TOS.

But in reality we know that many sellers use 4-8 different accounts (on Qura there is even tutorial on how to set everything up).

From the fact you posted here, I am guessing you do not actually want to break the rules, but you are more interested in knowing can you be versatile and still successful on freelancing sites.

And the answer is yes.

There is nothing stopping you to provide multiple services that you have skills for.

In my case, I cover a lot of areas due to my life situation that forced me to obtain multiple skills.

My GIGs services are wide and there are recommendations to narrow things down but those recommendations come from sellers that started selling here before 2018-2019.

In those times and before, Fiverr had a lot of opportunities for new sellers to come out victorious. Now, after the pandemic and 60% of everything that has human DNA is online trying to make money online, the income from freelancing in just one field is very hard.

What you can always do is make 3 GIGs of one area and 3 GIGs of another area, and then pause 3 and run them for a month and see what happens, then pause the other 3, then keep them all active for a month. After 3 months look at the statistics.

And decide accordingly.