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Multiple task same order - another most common problem new sellers - and about MILESTONE

Hi all, how are you? I hope you well. Welcome back to the 2nd part of my topic about sellers.

The most common problem for all new sellers when getting multiple tasks to offer into the same order and about milestones. see previous post is here to understand first what about I was started!

I would like to clear today, for most new sellers when they got an order and finished, the client asks for another task in the same order. Fiverr have an option to send a custom EXTRA OFFER at the order page. I think 95%-99% of the buyer like to purchase everything as their needs into one order (seller send custom offer at the order page, they accept it), yes, if they agreed to our price but I think its a risk for the new seller when they can not manage their job in absence of their experience.

suppose, at this moment a seller complete 49 tasks one by one by sending a custom EXTRA OFFER, if they unable to complete 50th task, what will be happened? already maybe minimum ($5*49=$245 completed) then all previous tasks will be pending right? so how to escape this problem?

Fiverr provide us a good milestone system its helpful to avoid cancellation past completed task in the same order. but the milestone system is a minimum of 50$ per milestone and a minimum of 2 milestones must be added before start with this system. this is hard for new sellers. so I suggest to the new seller to confirm their clients as like “I will do next job as you described after completing recent one”.

The new seller has to do a maximum of 3-5 same tasks per order. when it goes to another subject, try to get an order separately. just make clients satisfied with the legal and right way. also, you can say as " I will do this next job as you described, but I want to finish this order and I have sent another custom offer, please accept". I think any client does not refuse as like this request. but keep it limited. (do not copy, it’s an idea for help. the seller has to find out how you can share your need with your clients).

thank you for reading my suggestion, if there any question or confusion, or if you got it, feel free to leave a comment. have a nice day. no more today. see you again.