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Multiple user in one accout


I and my friend work together on fiverr. my friend live far away from my residence. Sometimes it’s need to access my friend’s fiverr account. But it’s not possible as fiverr works on one PC. But for this we are missing our clients. IS there any Solution?


Your friend can your fiverr account its not a big issue .
you can also open your profile on an PC any where you want.
But do not create multiple accounts in one PC.


so, i can open his account in my Own PC?


Why do you need to access your friend’s Fiverr account on your PC?


Yes you can.
But must sure about his or her own account.


because we work together…


But is it one account or two?


How can i sure?
i mean, he opened his account using his PC.


I´d rather check this with Customer Support than relying on replies you get on the forum for a thing like that. It´s not worth the risk, when you can just ask CS and be sure you won´t get into trouble then.


Sounds like a plan! (20 chars)


there is one account.
my question was: can i open his account in MY PC?


Thank u…
i will do…


Talk to customer service.


i will do…