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Multiple users - Same account , is it allowed on Fiverr?

Hi, I’m a level one seller on Fiverr, and I’m aiming for Level two, as I’m getting much orders to my gigs, and I need help.

My Question is : I wanna work with my brother from the same account, but he lives in another city ( education purposes ) , is it allowed on fiverr to do that?

Please let me know, I’m so confused.

Fiverr doesn’t seem to care about multiple people working the same account. They only seem to get their panties in a knot when it’s multiple accounts working from the same IP address (it makes them think one person is creating lots of accounts and flooding the marketplace with dummy gigs, etc.)

Thank you for your answer.

Please contact Contact support on and ask them, that allow or not ?

I know there are spouses and families that all utilize one Fiverr account. While it never hurts to ask Customer Support for permission, as long as it IS one account I doubt you will have an issue. You may even want to put in your profile that the account is worked by brothers. There are other people on Fiverr who advertise their accounts as worked by companies, teams, etc.

Even if you and your brother had two accounts, Fiverr could give you written permission to do it, but that is something you would want to ask them for. What you cannot do is have two accounts sharing one PayPal account. I don’t know of of any exceptions made to that, even for husband/wife teams.

Don’t worry, you and your brother can work with just your 1 Fiverr profile. But be careful after using your ID on both you and your brother PC don’t try to login or create any other Fiverr account on this 2 computer. Best of luck :slight_smile:

I think it is not allowed to have multiple accounts.

Hi @ibella @nukeblaster

There’s a new cool Team feature available now (still beta).
It seems this is more for buyers. But I think we can use this
feature in a better way for selling.