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Multiple Uses of TAG - Older Gigs


If you look at the TOP rated gigs with a keyword - for example “banner or banners” you will notice some of those at the top are old gigs were created when FIVERR allowed sellers to “stuff” their gigs with keywords, for instance, using the word banner multiple times. This seems to weight the listing to push them to the top. Now, you cannot use a tag or word more than once if you create a new gig. Maybe we can level the playing field somehow FIVERR? Just a suggestion.


Nope, like any SEO, all things can normally be considered.

Moo - I think you are right. Had I known… BEFORE I changed one of my gigs… LOL


Madmoo is right; any gigs created before the new rules will go unnoticed until someone reports them. Its like people who created gigs that violated third-party companies’ TOS prior to Fiverr’s new rule, they went unnoticed at first.


I didn’t realize gigs were recognized according to keywords in the description…I thought it was just based on the actual tagged keywords. No?


Reply to @arnevb: yeah now they can, if the person creates a new gig or edit an old one.


Thanks for the input. I would imagine being a programmer myself, I could write a script to go find all uses that were not to TOS and then send a notice indicating the changes should be made, say in 4-6 weeks. Then, after that time, simply remove the duplicates. Not sure how that would work but it would make the playing field a little more even.