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Multiples of a Service as an Extra

Hi all,
I am brand new to Fiverr and excited to expand my freelance businesses on the platform. I have a bit of a specific question that I couldn’t find the answer to…
One of the services that I’m offering is mixing an album. The price you can sell your service at maxes out at $995 which is a decent rate for a 5-7 song EP, but grossly cheap for a 20 song, full length album. In order to have accurate pricing, I had the idea to charge by the song. Each of my packages are for a single song, and there is an “extra” that adds a song. My question is, can a customer add multiples of that extra in order to add the correct number of tracks?

Is there a better way of setting this kind of gig so that the project is flexible?

Thanks in advance,



Yep! Customers can order multiple of your extras! They’ll have the option to choose however many extras that they would like to order!

Ok thanks for the info, that’s good to know!