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Multiply the delivery time when customers buy 2x basic gig or more

Hey everyone,
I have a writing gig, 500 words in 24 hours. A couple of weeks ago I received an order for 10xbasic gig which meant 5.000 words. The thing is,if you set the delivery time for basic gig at 24hours and a customer buys 10 gigs all in once, the time still remains 24 hours. I know, there are packs, but maybe the users new to Fiver don’t know; and I know, I can explain the customer, send a request for adding more days and wait for him to accept and that’s exactly what I did with that particular customer.

But I want to ask, is there any option that maybe I’m not aware of, to limit the numbers of gig a person can buy in one time?

If not, wouldn’t be possible to implement an option that makes the time automatically increase when more than one gig is selected? Or show a message saying to the customer to buy the corresponding gig?



Dear Espumita:

This is an excellent question to post in this thread: Fiverrcast Questions.

Please pose your response in the form of a question, like on Jeopardy.

My understanding is that we currently have no control over the gig multiples feature.

My recommendation is that you set your delivery times based on how long it would take you to deliver the maximum multiples for your Level, and add a FAQ explaining why you’ve done so.

Then, if your Buyers understand, they will set their purchases accordingly. (For example: you could explain in your FAQ that if they DON’T order the gig multiples, they will get their delivery faster.)

The downside is that if your realistic delivery time seems too long, this could impact your sales.

I believe it’s worth A / B testing.

Good luck,

P.S. If you search the forum, Miiila has raised this issue as well. She asked in the Fiverrcast Questions thread I previously cited. Hopefully she’s also raised the issue with her hypothetical Success Manager (she’ll let you know if she’s ever found one in the wild) and that person is on the case so that we will all have a brighter tomorrow…


I asked for this too, and, as Blaise suggested, and I have done, asked for it on the questions for the fiverrcast relaunch thread as well, so that it maybe would get noticed, maybe ask there too, if there are more people asking for it, it might have more traction:

edit: Ah lol. Thank you, Blaise. :slight_smile:
Success manager, I never met one in the wild. :wink:


Oh thanks, I tryed to search for a similar thread but I couldn’t find it!

Thanks for your reply and suggestion.
I don’t see why I have to set a 10 days delivery just in case someone will buy some day a 10 gig order. I could set a higher delivery time, but I don’t want my sales to be affected if the problem can be fixed :slight_smile:


Search is a bit lacking sometimes. It maybe doesn´t hurt either, when this category has new posts on the same topics too, in case staff might look rather at newer than older threads, but all in all it´s probably good to post anywhere staff or people who may nudge staff for it, might see. I think it´s a problem that more people but us should have.


It doesn’t always work, but in my description it does say “Contact me for a custom quote for orders over 800 words”. I have the same issue. If they order a 30,000 word VO in one day, that’s not realistic unless it was my only order of the day.

IF they request a few thousand words beyond a realistic level for the day, I point them to my description and add X days with a “buy custom extra” and charge them more. I also let them know we can mutually cancel with no stress from me.

Again: It doesn’t always work, but it’s in my gig, and so far I have never had an issue when I explain and point to that line.

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I also wrote in my description that for a large amount of word the customer has to contact me first but… again quoting myself.

Wouldn’t be easier for everyone? :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I guess its a common thing in a service industry, it’s not like we sell things, which no matter how much they buy, we don’t need much time to prepare it.

Its supposed to be the main feature isn’t it? I hope they realize it, I mean they have programmers right? They are supposed to understand this. What if I ask them to build me 10 websites in 1 day? Logically, they gonna need 10 days to finish it (well, if they say on their gig that they can build a website in one day, of course).

Anyway, you get my point.