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Music Artists & People needing cheap photo retouching/editing etc

For one of my services I am selling photo retouching/editing/etc. Message me for extra information or for a custom order (CHEAP)
I will do whatever you ask to a photo/photos for a low price and within a reasonable time.

For music artists, I can get your music distributed worldwide on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc. for only $5, and only $10 for 2 or more songs ( up to 10 songs for only $10 !!! ) and whatever money people pay to purchase your track(s) goes right back to you, so you get your music out there and a chance to get your money back :slight_smile:

Any questions/concerns about my current prices or anything regarding my services in general, please contact me,

I will reply as fast as possible and I’m willing to work around people’s budgets. Thank you for reading and I’m interested in hearing from everyone interested.