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Music & Audio Forum Contest 🎧

Attention Fiverr Music & Audio Community! Let’s try something new. I’m excited to kick off the first music & audio contest! Time to get your creative juices flowing.

The task is simple. Download this sample, made by awesome fiverr seller Elsasollesvik, and make whatever you want with it! It’s that simple. You can create a beat with it, play it on your instrument, sing an a-capella cover of it, produce an orchestral score behind it, time stretch and flip it into something new… anything you can think of! The only rule is that you must use this sample (any part of it - doesn’t need to be all), and it has to be under 2 minutes.

To submit your take, just fill out this form, and post your track in this thread (explanations of your work are highly encouraged) by March 15th. Once you do that, you’re in. Submissions be judged on creativity. Oh and one more thing… winner gets $100 in Fiverr credit! Excited to see what everyone comes up with!

The sample is 100bpm and in the key of C#maj

Let’s get to creating!


Terms and conditions can be found here


Regarding 4.3 points ‘b’ and ‘c’; this means any submission must be 100% (baring sound sample) our own work, correct? ie, we cannot hire out to mix?

I didn’t see anything about ‘one entry per user/person’, or anything against team-ups? (4.4 kinda addresses this?)


You’re all good to get help with mixing, work with a seller, or collaborate with a friend! It will just have to be one persons submission.


Thank you for the clarification.

(Limit is still one-entry-per-user?)


Hi All

As is common with me, I seem to be the first entry posted.

The track is named “Happy Birthday Sheila”. This is in reference to the amazing Sheila Chandra, the Indian singer who had a hit song “Ever So Lonely” with Monsoon then went solo with “Roots & Wings” which almost defined what would become World Music. To check spelling I Googled and presto it is nearly Sheila’s birthday so that settled the title.

If that is not playing (doesn’t for me) here is a video (unlisted)

Production Notes:

This is a morning’s work. DAW used is Reason 11 using Neptune, Grain & Europa. The bus Reverb is my own Rev-T1.

Everything you hear in this piece is from the vocal sample supplied. The only exception being the drum loops which are just too hard to do any other way if you are not an experienced percussionist. I considered making all my own sounds but in the end, the samples help “ground” the work.

The big unusual thing for me is the use of a Vocal Tuning Plugin (Neptune). I normally treat these things with loathing but in this case, it let me do things that would not be possible without more vocal takes.

It is perhaps odd being a musician who pays tribute to another whilst using the voice of a third person. but such is life and I assume that Elsasollesvik will be honored by this anyway.

Working through the track:
The vocal sample plays cleanly. Then it repeats in Rounds. Each instance of the round has different processing to bring out other qualities. The third instance is shifted an octave which results n the “flute” riff which I sometimes repitch for variety.

The Vocal Percussions are built using slices of the whole sample. One in a granular synth (Grain), the other in a wavetable synth (Europa).

The Bass Pad is a granular synth using the first note. the (loosely named) Oboe and String are both using a slice of the sample as a wavetable.

The main vocal is then backed again with four instances of the tuning plugin to create a three-part harmony. The main vocal is pulled back in the mix and the tuning plugin is used to 'lock" to one pitch initially the Root Note then harmonics. This is deliberately not very obvious but allows for more harmonic variation seeing the core of the track is literally repeating the same loop which becomes static.

The final “burbling” effect is the whole sample through a granular synth playing the melody extracted to MIDI from the audio sample - with filtering and lots of delay & reverb.

Thanks to Elsasollesvik & Fiverr for the sample and the opportunity to do this.



Not limited to one entry per user :smile: (just don’t abuse it please). Super excited to hear your take!


Thanks for getting us started - amazing entry and top notch explanation, giving us some production tips along the way. Granular synthesis is pretty versatile it seems!


Thanks and no worries. I do a lot of teaching work.

All forms of synthesis are very capable and versatile so long as you have enough of an architecture either within the synth (Thor, Zebra etc) or use outboard gear like effects effectively (usually read as subtly).

I am not a big fan of Granular synthesis but it has its moments. Wavetable is a bit more to my liking but even there once you know what you are after, the tones can be built using combos of FM, Waveshaping and Filters with better control over the results. It does take a lot of experience and practice though. So Samples, Granular & Wavetable have their places - IMO so long as you don’t fall for pretending that it is the real thing.



I don’t know if mine posted in either place…


Hello sound makers,
Here is my entry. In an ambient style. Made with an Akai Force sampler using only the supplied sample.
Time stretch, pitch shift, delay, reverb, filter. Recorded live while drinking my coffee this morning.


To post just write your link (Youtube, Soundcloud…) alone on a new line


Well, THAT was a process… :rofl: This was a perfect project to get to know cakewalk a bit… It’s definitely not Reason but it’s also not fruity loops… This is just something inspired by goat screaming videos and too much spice before sleep… Not much too it really, just some loops and piano roll synths… On a side note, even though I didn’t add bass to this, cakewalk holds its own with audio recording… I was honestly impressed… I do love a crispy bass after all…


Thank you m’dude… I wasn’t doing any of that correctly… :rofl:


Here’s my Entry : Choices - [Fiverr Beat Contest] by SubSpace Music | Free Listening on SoundCloud


So, we have to use Elsasollesvik’s voice. We cannot use our own voice to record this in C#maj?


This has a really awesome vibe…


Hello everyone, this is my entry for the contest. You can check my entry via this link: Stranger - Fiverr Contest Entry (By MigaraJAY) by EMJAX Beats | Free Listening on SoundCloud

About the track:

This is a Trap remix created using the sample provided. I am using fl studio as my DAW. To create this track I took about roughly 4 hours. So, there might be mistakes. Let me know if you see any mistakes. I am glad to hear them. Thank you in advance!


Thank you for this post topic.


I had the same question but I read it again and it says " The only rule is that you must use this sample ( any part of it - doesn’t need to be all)" so we have to use it and we can add our voice too! :slight_smile: