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reposted because i had to make it 2minutes

Here is my entry to this fiverr contest i hope everyone enjoys it.
The track is called dance with me.

Instruments: ELECTRIC Guitar ( Epiphone lespaul traditional pro ) into a Line6 Spider 3 Amp

  • Novation Launchkey 49 MK2
  • AKAI MPD218
  • Bass played with fretless bass guitar
  • Produced Mixed and Mastered using Focusrite Scarlett Solo Gen3
    BPM : 90
    KEY: Bminor

How it was made :

  I tried to make the progression go with with the minor relative to The C# Key from the vocal sample to give it the major over minor feel which is commonly used in blues and jazz to give a happy vibe which made it all work when approaching it as pop dance track

if you have any further questions about the production of this track please do ! i really appreciate every input

Thanks to everyone participating and thanks to the fiverr team providing such contests making the community really active.


Took me a while, but it’s finally done! :slight_smile: Will submit the form now.


I started making some drafts in the week after the contest opened, but I was pretty aimless and had no idea how to spin it.
Initially I was going for a more Burial/Crystal Castles vibe with something that sounds completely “club” like their music (booming bass and a classic kick-clap beat). Daft Punk’s recent split came to mind – since they were a very important band for me – and the rest is history.

The track

Some tracks above are in the style of retro games or a bit “anime”; meanwhile my take is a tribute song whose style spans over all of Daft Punk’s discography.

Both my track and Something About Us (Discovery) share the same tempo, while the key is that of the sample as I wanted to keep it natural; it’s got a banging drum machine with 16 hi-hats per bar from their earlier (Homework) or harder days (Human After All); it tries to be a condensed epic in 2 minutes like their later spoken word or take-it-slow tracks (Random Access Memories).

Rather than sending more than one track, I integrated in this better take what was left over from my earlier attempts like that nighttime/urban/thunderous ambiance (storm recording for free use courtesy of a certain Richard from FreeSound) typical of Burial tracks, and the chopped vocals sequence from my Crystal Castles attempt.

The very subdued 303 without distortion with simple melodies and slow modulation of the parameters fit perfectly in Daft Punk’s style.


I evenly spaced the instruments in the soundstage through panning and some more advanced stereo delay/unison tricks.
Overdrive distortions and multiple reverbs were used. Volume automation is frequently used, and there’s a humble limiter on the master bus.
At the end of the track, the Transistor Bass’ built-in delay comes into play. The other 303 melody has a bit of an LP filter/resonance game going on, like the drums at the beginning… and this is everything that was used.

What I used

DAW: FL Studio 20
Melody: Transistor Bass, which is a TB-303 clone upped to 11
Submelody: sounds from an original Roland TB-303!
Bass at the end: a patch I made in Sawer
Drums: CR-78 snare, 808 clap, rim and Minipops kick

The project file and other stuff

Yes, it’s messy and has no pretty colours but it works, and if it works, it ain’t stupid in my book! :joy:

Total production time according to FL Studio: 3 hours, 1 minute
BPM: 100
Key: C# Major
Number of channels: 7 (would just fit on an 8-track with analog equipment)
Instruments: 3 to 4 realistically

It lasts exactly 2 minutes, if Youtube says 2:01 or something it’s just being funny.

And that’s it! Thanks to everyone! :grin:


Thanks! I have adjusted the length of the track and did a new upload :slight_smile: Have a nice day. Bart

Here’s the new link with the short version:Fiverr Contest Short by Bart Spruit | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Started with the piano, drums and bass. Then spiced it up a little :slight_smile:

Have a nice day


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Entry Link (soundcloud): Fiverr Contest - Untitled by Alyanna S (Musika) | Free Listening on SoundCloud
and also, on youtube: Un

Just saw this yesterday and couldn’t work on it, so here’s my rushed entry! There were some volume issues that I was too lazy to fix, but meh, it works xD (and I kinda rushed the beat…oh well)

I used a MIDI keyboard, Logic Pro X, and Akai MPD226. Made in an hour (worked on it from 2am-3am because I saw this really late)

Started it out lofi-ish (random beat, some chords, then the vocal sample), and then added some orchestra because why not amirite?

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Woops this one went quite close to the deadline, but here we go.

I decided to go all goofy with this one so instead of one cohesive track I wanted to study the sample on different genres and use a multitude of different processors and methods to the sample. Let me present to you the ultimate pitch correction space odyssey of the century: “Ode to Melodyne”

Part 1. Flume/Zedd inspired 2015s sound
Haven’t produced anything like this for ages! I decided immediately after hearing the sample for the first time that I got to try some cheesy mid 2010s EDM/future bass sounds with those iconic vocal samples and chops.

Part 2. cinematic strings
After the rather energetic intro we need to chill out and relax for a bit - Time to put those Spitfire Audio libraries to use :wink:

Part 3. Musique concrète /Acousmatic music
Well, not actually musique concrete but something like that I guess :smiley:
I had used all the basic spices in parts 1 & 2 (including: flooding the sample with reverb and delay, destroying the formants with little alterboy and making chord swells from the original vocal with melodyne) and I knew that for the part 3 I would need to grab something else. So after minutes of scrolling through my plugin folder I found that I had still the GRM Tools installed and decided to go full granular with this one! used quite a lot of Reson, Delays, Freeze and Evolution among others to get some really
liquid transitions between effects.

Part 4. deep House
At this point of the song, my inner club-o-meter was hitting red, so some direct actions were needed. Instantly dialed a new tempo, slapped that 4 to the floor and started to juggle the sample into a deep house style!

Part 5. Metal something?
I knew I was not done. Not yet. There was still one thing to do. The vocals. needed. AN AMPLIFIER!!
So I instantly crafted a bassline on melodyne from the original sample, duplicated that 2 times and went all in with different amp simulations, added some bad ass drums.

I have really enjoyed all of your submissions, some real gems over here! Best of luck to everybody to the contest!


It went quiet. Any closing words or news on judging?



Yes to both!

Wow - blown away by all the entries. When I first heard Elsasollesvik samples, I could not have imagined the types of tracks you all came up with. Super unique takes across so many genres.

The winner will be announced here within the next few days… plus it’s looking like we’ll add 2nd and 3rd place prizes too with all these great submissions!

In the meantime, would love to hear any feedback on this. Should we do more contests? Different types of prizes? Different types of challenges? All opinions are welcome


Yes @fvrrmusic more contest, it’s fun :grin: And I don’t think I’m the only one who would like to hear a version made by you, although you can’t compete.


Much needed love for the Music & Audio side of Fiverr, I’m sure everyone would love more contests or community challenges and it was great to finally hear everyone in their creative zones. Looking forward to whatever comes next!


more contests! yes! it’s great practice and opportunity :smiley:


Yeah absolutely more opportunities like this please! I think little contests or community challenges would be a fantastic thing as they encourage individual audio freelancers on fiverr to communicate and get inspired from each others fantastic works!


Absolutely! Any type of music contest is a great opportunity to show everybody your creativity and talent! Every entry has a unique magic! Please we need more of this! :heart_eyes: :star_struck:


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I just blown away by loftprod’s mix. I hope there will be illustrator & designer’s section and contests like this in the future. So, I can participate. :slight_smile:


The places were deserved! I enjoyed working on this. It was a learning experience because I don’t work with samples/try to “remix” and edit stuff often.

I absolutely support the idea of recurring music contests – I mean, the money is definitely there :joy: – and also across multiple disciplines such as design/video editing: for example, what if we competed for the best ad for an imaginary mobile company? (This came through my mind just now, I think it’s a great idea).

I’m ready for the next contest, I’m off my first music gig too and I’m particularly charged :smiling_imp: gonna crush it next time!


I don’t know if it’s the same for others, but I can’t see the link, you might want to update it.

The contest is long over, the link has been deleted.

Very efficient editor

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