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Music & Audio Forum Contest 🎧

Winners announced Monday March 22nd! For details please see this topic:


I just blown away by loftprod’s mix. I hope there will be illustrator & designer’s section and contests like this in the future. So, I can participate. :slight_smile:


The places were deserved! I enjoyed working on this. It was a learning experience because I don’t work with samples/try to “remix” and edit stuff often.

I absolutely support the idea of recurring music contests – I mean, the money is definitely there :joy: – and also across multiple disciplines such as design/video editing: for example, what if we competed for the best ad for an imaginary mobile company? (This came through my mind just now, I think it’s a great idea).

I’m ready for the next contest, I’m off my first music gig too and I’m particularly charged :smiling_imp: gonna crush it next time!


I don’t know if it’s the same for others, but I can’t see the link, you might want to update it.

The contest is long over, the link has been deleted.

Very efficient editor

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