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Music collaborations!

I am new to Fiverr and would love people to share their success stories and woes of collaborating with musicians, as well as share awesome plans for future projects!

Only one story that comes to mind, just because it didn’t go anywhere. Keeping it short: I was asked to reconstruct the background music for a parody, and I offered some suggestions to make their lyrics (imo) a bit better, but they were partial to what they wrote. Haven’t heard back since.

As for success, I’ve finished a few personal projects lately. :woman_shrugging:

Yeah, my partner is on this site and he gets a lot of similar interactions. Or people wanting him to figure out extraordinarily intricate things by ear.

There’s also the ‘asking for a service you don’t offer’ woe. No I do NOT play instrument X.

My last order was an artwork for a band who’ll be releasing a song featuring a pretty popular artist. The first couple of days the buyer was out for a while (national holiday) without telling me beforehand, but they managed to come back in time and everything went pretty smooth.