Music & Commercial Use? Please help


Hi, I’m a musician selling music on Fiverr.

What I don’t understand is if I choose not to grant commercial usage in my gigs, what does that allow the buyer to do with the music? I want to retain my copyright so I still own and can sell/use the music elsewhere but I also want my music to be used the videos and films of buyers.

If I don’t give commercial rights can they still use my music in their films or not?? What usage have I agreed?

Please help!
Thank you


Is it just a usage/licence I’m selling in this case? How to I know they won’t sell it on?


Not much! Maybe use it but they have to credit you?

This is a bit tricky. How would you even keep track of this and how would you be able to track them down to see if they violate your copyrights?

You would have to write up your own agreement and the client would have to sign it but you would have to run it by customer support to make sure you would have permission since the exchange of personal information isn’t permitted.

You won’t know. To be honest, I am not sure if Fiverr is the right place if you are that concerned about the usage, commercial license etc.

Please Help I Dont Understand!

Yeah tricky! I just want to be able to use and sell the music on myself after the order is completed since I put so much work into it. I guess it comes down to written agreements which probably isn’t going to help much on Fiverr