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Music Composer - Never Tried Fiverr Before

Hi all :grinning:

My name’s Kade Jones and in addition to being a total nerd with a love of movies, video games and Dungeons & Dragons, I also compose original cinematic and adventure music - mostly inspired from the above - under the name KJee Music.

I have a slowly growing YouTube channel as well as a Spotify (Amazon/iTunes/GoogleMusic) presence and would love to grow further across all platforms very soon. I’ve had plenty of very good engagement and feedback for my work, just need more ears now, but i’m working hard on many personal projects and looking to create for other projects to give them an extra dimension to their content.

Good luck to us all!


Nice to meet you, Kade.

I’m Lemuel Irabor, Writer and Blogger from Nigeria. And I’m a great fan of good music.

If you ever need help with stories that would inspire your songs and give them a deep meaning, don’t hesitate to holla at me.

And now, back to writing that journal…


Hey Lemuel.

Thank you and good luck to you

Welcome to the fiverr platform
Wish you get more and more orders :+1:

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